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First-time homebuyer Counseling
Transitional Housing and Affordable Rental Options
Refugee Housing Resettlement
Rental Counseling
Emergency Housing Assistance
Financial Literacy (Arabic, Farsi, Somali)
Single and Family Rehabilitation
Free-Minor Home Repair, and More.


Social Service and Workforce

Job search/Career planning
Job leads and referral services
Interviewing information
Eligibility determination to funded programs
Job placement
Basic Adult Education
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Mentoring and training
Bridging the gap between employers and employees
Direct basic needs assistance
Case management
Small Business Support and Navigation
Culturally relevant food boxes, and more.


Community Navigation

Connect Individuals and Families to Public Resources and Entitlement Benefits

Business and Economic Development Navigation and Support

Assistance with connecting to other resources

Cultural Liaison for Other Community Partners

Translation/Interpretation Services in Arabic, Farsi, Somali, Pashto, and Laos

Act as a Trusted Voice


Referral Services, and More.

Programs and Services: Programs
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