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Smart Development Inc works to enhance the social safety net and expansion of opportunities for at-need families to grow roots and lead toward pathways of self-sufficiency and being a trusted-voice for the international community.

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Our Impact: 2023 in numbers


562 Families Received Housing Services

with 7 homes rehabilitated, 53 first-time new homebuyers, 138 refugee-family housing navigation support, and 42 free-minor home repairs, and more.

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4,894 items donations

of clothing, shoes, appliances, kitchenware, blankets, bedding, household items, baby items, toiletries, winter jackets, and more donated to individuals and families in need.

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4,368 Clients Served

providing over $76,000 in emergency financial assistance, variety of additional services and case management with 561 placements in full-time and part-time employment.

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944 families

received culturally-relevant food boxes filled with halal culturally specific foods our clients can use to feed their families.


Who We Are

Our Roots

Smart Development strives to continuously spread our message of opportunity, hope, and equity. When our community struggles, we focus on not only short-term but long-term recovery for more diverse, equitable communities we call home. While we help all in need, we pride ourselves as a staff and board on being from the communities we serve, emphasizing on serving new and existing refugee, immigrant, newcomer, and racial and ethnic minority communities to be able to grow roots and become  self-sufficient with access to the same opportunities for all. We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly transform lives, which is why we celebrate diverse cultures and people and act as a voice for those often under-represented and under-served. We believe our work recognizes the dignity of all those we serve and every part of who they are and seeks to create a community that allows them to thrive. We advocate daily for equitable representation and access to services ensuring their needs, life-experiences, and voice are at the center of our decision making and known to our community partners.



Creating healthy, affordable housing, providing housing navigation, and financial pathways of success and helping families find housing options


Social Service and Workforce

Removing barriers and creating opportunities while providing basic needs


Community Navigation and Civic Engagement

Creating pathways of integration and belonging with opportunity to help


Some are forced to flee their home- You just have to decide if you want to help.

Are you a landlord, property owner, realtor, or volunteer who has available housing for refugees?

Contact us today at

In collaboration with community partners and local resettlement agencies, we serve as the trusted-voice for housing opportunities for new and existing refugee and immigrant community members.

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